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Spotlight On Parents
WOW! SACC has some of the best parents in the world! This section on our web page allows us to showcase a few. The students answered a group of select questions regarding their parents and to say the least some of the answers are humorus and some are so sweet they make you want to cry. While we truly feel evey parent is the best please, enjoy these select few.

March 2018

  • The Davis Family

    This is the Davis Family and they have 4 children in the SACC Program at the Sam Houston location. They were asked a few questions about their parents, and these were their answers...

    If your Dad could drive any car what would it be? An Army Truck
    What is your mom's favorite TV show? Beat Bobby Flay Cooking Show
    If your parents were superheroes who would they be? Superman and Superwoman
    If there was something special you could tell your parents what would it be? We love you so much!