Childcare that holds hands and reaches hearts.
Mission Statement
It is the goal of this program to:
  • Offer a safe and happy environment for all children we serve.
  • To make every effort to communicate in a positive manner the expectations we have of the children using Praise, Pause and Pit methods.
  • To daily serve as role models to children in actions and deeds.
  • To build upon the belief that when a child feels loved and respected the quality of life is better.
  • To extend/open the lines of collaboration/communication to all parents/staff members when they have concerns using the approach titled "Conference of Concerns". By doing so we involve our parents in decisions that will affect their children.
  • To be consistent in rules and guidelines using Code of Conduct policies when the safety of others are at risk and expect our parent to uphold and support these policies.
  • To work as a team, with all parties involved (Students/Parents/Staff/Program Administration and System Leaders) a team one who shares the common goal (the safety and well being of the children in our program).